Reshaping the U.S. Defense Force

In this episode of From the Crow’s Nest, host Ken Miller brings back Brian Clark, Senior Fellow and Director for the Center for Defense Concepts and Technology at the Hudson Institute. Brian’s upcoming report titled “Hedging Bets: Rethinking Force Design for a Post Dominance Era” argues that the United States is in a “post dominance era” and faces relatively new disadvantages due to weapon proliferation. Brian notes that one of the biggest advantages of the U.S. right now is that it isn’t seeking to change the status quo of a country or region, unlike countries like China or Russia. 

Brian and Ken discuss how to predict the probabilities of potential conflict and what potential role members of proposed “hedge forces” can take in responding to international conflict. Brian also explains how the Department of Defense can take steps to make an affordable defense force.

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Reshaping the U.S. Defense Force
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