Here is Why EW is Cool

In this episode of From the Crow's Nest, host Ken Miller talks to Chesapeake Technology International (CTI) Founder and CSO Dustin Hellwig. Dustin has over thirty years of experience in electronic warfare (EW), spectrum management, and CEMA environments. He specializes in the development of distributed, collaborative, and autonomous EW systems. He has significantly advanced EW models, simulations, and mission planning for various military platforms and operations.

During their conversation, Ken and Dustin delve into the potential benefits – and drawbacks – of recent advancements with these EW systems. Dustin's unique perspective highlights how these systems can enhance operational capabilities and extend the "reach" of special operations with autonomous or semi-autonomous participants. However, he also acknowledges the diverse opinions on how to operate and manage this space. The duo also addresses the challenges of the military sector in appreciating and keeping up with commercial innovation, providing valuable insights.

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Here is Why EW is Cool
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